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since I've posted anything but birthday messages here. It's also been just about exactly a year since we arrived here in Florida. We've had a great year and settled in quite nicely. The town we live in is great for families, lots of parks, walking/biking trails and other free things to do. Everyone has made new friends and we are getting used to the weather. Just hoping that the hurricane season won't be too bad. I really don't know how to condense a year of living into a short post, so I'm not even going to try. Just know that I've tried to keep up with everyone's news but have been not commenting as I should.

I will say that I am very envious of you all getting together this week at Infinitus. I would love to meet you all and go again to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And yes I do mean again. We surprised the boys with a whirlwind trip to Orlando July 1st. The 3 small pics below are not too spoilery but I didn't want to ruin anything for anybody.

here are some observations and pics )

I hope you all have an amazing time here in Florida.
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Good things:

-New president = good thing for everyone and not just the U.S

-first female senator from New Hampshire as [ profile] averygoodun pointed out

-my congresswoman was re-elected

Not so good thing:

-Hubby lost his election by 2,056 votes. He worked incredibly hard for the over 10,000 votes he did receive. Knocking on doors in almost half of the city and one other town to meet people and introduce himself took a tremendous amount of time and effort. Unfortunately he hardly has time to process this as he just left for a three day conference up north for work. He was sounding somewhat optimistic about doing it again in two years, though.

It's going to take some getting used to having him home every weekend. He's been campaigning for months and I fear we're used to him being out and about or just busy with stuff. It will be very good for the boys to spend some time with just their dad and I'm trying to find time for a "date night" or even an afternoon movie and then dinner. I'm just glad it's over for now.


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